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The digital photography and the Intersection of Pre-photographic perspective system with photography.


Just published 2014!

BOOK CHAPTER from Giambattista Nolli and Rome: Mapping the City before and after the Pianta Grande, Studium Urbis, 2014. p179-198.

The Building of a Symbolic Image:
The Juxtaposition of Giambattista Piranesiís Vedute Di Roma with Photographs Taken 250 Years Later

This paper and the contribution in REAL VIRTUALITY (below) are my most complete discussions of what I have learned about pre-photographic artistic composition and perspective from my work with Piranesi's engraved images.

Rome Was!
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   1) The BOOK

The Eternal City from Piranesi to the Present

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Just published 2014!

REAL Virtuality: About the Destruction and Multiplication of World, Ulrich Gehmann and Martin Reiche, Editors, Transcript Verlag (Germany), 2014.  Available in the USA from Columbia University Press.

Book Introduction and Description chapter-by-chapter, by the editors.

Chapter 1, part 3:
by Randolph Langenbach



ďOUTSIDE OF THE FRAME: Piranesiís Perspective and Composition, Re-explored in the Digital Age,"  Proceedings, ICOMOS, General Assembly, Quebec City, Canada, 2008. 
10 page paper (pdf-700kb)





2) The 44 min FILM

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Four Minute Trailer

This film has been created entirely from still images, many of which have been merged together with the eighteenth century engravings by Giambattista Piranesi. Piranesi has been widely recognized as Italy's most celebrated artist of engravings of views of Rome. This film is an exploration of the changes to the monumental landscape of Rome over a quarter of a millennium - well after the monuments of Rome were already in ruins. It covers a time when this landscape became recognized for its aesthetic and cultural heritage, a recognition that to a significant extent came because of the dissemination Piranesi's work over the rest of Europe during the 18th Century. This helped to stimulate the 'Grand Tour' which then lead to the stopping of the systematic quarrying of the ruins for materials for new buildings.

Making use of the opportunities of the new medium of digital photography, this show has taken this medium into new territory by taking the imagery back in time by merging it with the pre-photographic art of Piranesi and other artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Except for a brief descriptive introduction, the commentary in the film is entirely composed of historic quotations from the history of the Eternal City. The music used in the sound-track is entirely composed by Italian composer Ottorino Respighi, all of which was inspired by the Roman urban landscape.

Most of the digital images were created during a year-long National Endowment for the Arts 'Rome Prize' Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome in 2003. The Film ROME WAS! Ruins Eternal was created from this material after earlier experimental work using the animation features in Microsoft PowerPoint to be able to show the images in a series of academic lectures at the Academia di San Lucca in Rome, the Sir John Soane Museum in London, the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California, and even at the Turquoise Mountain Foundation in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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2014 (and coming again in 2019)
Exhibition at the

Joel B. Garzoli Fine Art Gallery
706 Sansome Street,
San Francisco, Ca., 94111

 2019: Exhibition at the CANESSA GALLERY
708 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94111

To see the images that were in the show


The Building of a Symbolic Image,

The Use of Perspective, Multiple Viewpoints, and Scale in Piranesi's Vedute Di Roma Juxtaposed with Photographs Taken in the Present Day.
published in OZ,  The Journal of the Kansas State University College of Architecture, Volume 26, 2004 
Justin Helmbrecht and Gregory Thomas Spaw, Editors.
( pdf-575kb)

Table of Contents


Randolph Langenbach : Piranesi, invenzioni al digitale



Rome, Italy
7 March 2005

in Italian with English translation


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